24 October 2014

More from Napier

The prize for the most exotic visitor that I caught at Napier was British Aerospace BAe-125-1000B VH-LMP which I photographed on 22 October 2014
The prize for the most interesting visitor went to Sounds Air's Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SAA which was on a charter throughtout the central North Island. It went up to Gisborne and back in the time I was there. Photos taken at Napier on 21 October 2014

Arriving in on late afternoon schedules were Sunair Aztec ZK-DGS from Gisborne and Mount Cook Airlines' ATR-72-500 ZK-MCY from Auckland .Photos taken at Napier on 21 October 2014

Meanwhile heading out was Skyline Aviation's Beech Super King Air ZK-PLK. Photo taken at Napier on 21 October 2014
The following morning Sunair's Cessna 172 ZK-DHN and Massey University's Diamond DA40 ZK-MTF were enjoying the morning sun

23 October 2014

Busy Air Napier

More from the road trip down the East Coast from Gisborne to Napier and a look at local airline Air Napier which keeps itself busy in its niche market...

Having flown in from Napier, Air Napier's Piper Seneca ZK-WUG sits at Gisborne on 21 October 2014 awaiting the evening service to Wairoa and Napier. Piper Cherokee 6 ZK-ELK had flown the Napier-Wairoa-Gisborne service and had returned to Napier
Flying the medical service to Wairoa was Piper Navajo ZK-NPR.
Not flying today, Air Napier's latest Piper Seneca, ZK-NAP, also taken on 21 October 2014
And just as it was getting darkish... ZK-WUG arriving back from Gisborne and Wairoa with the evening courier service

It was nice to meet Air Napier's Karen today too!

I had a great trip with Air Napier on their courier run a few years ago... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/air-napiers-east-coast-express.html

Air Gisborne goes turbo...

Something I didn't pick up last month was that Air Gisborne has gone turbo with the addition of Beech C90A King Air ZK-SKL to its fleet. I caught it arriving back at Gisborne on 20 October 2014...

The Beech carries Aeromedical Air Charter Services titles under the windows and Operated by Air Gisborne titles on the door

Not a turbo! Air Gisborne's Grumman Cheetah ZK-MRR arriving back on 21 October 2014

22 October 2014

Also at Taupo last week...

A quick visit to Whakatane airport

Locally owned Cessna 182Q ZK-CME at Whakatane on 20 October 2014
Down from Auckland was Cessna 172 ZK-LQA at Whakatane on 20 October 2014 
Super Air's Fletcher FU24-950M at Whakatane on 20 October 2014
And a couple of Frontier Helicopters' - Above Robinson R44 ZK-IIA and below Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IIB at Whakatane on 20 October 2014

21 October 2014

Remember Air Direct?

I am working on a post about Air Direct operated out of Wellington from 1993 to 1998. I have a few gaps in my account and am looking for some one who might be able to give me some more information. 

In particular I am trying to confirm 

  • that the company went into abeyance in 1995 until being sold 
  • when the company started air services to Blenheim and Kaikoura
  • when these services started

If you can help me with these questions or any other info or could put me in touch with Mark Barry or Mike King could you send me an email to westland831@gmail.com - Steve

At Tauranga Yesterday...

Sunair's Cessna 172 ZK-CBZ at Tauranga on 20 October 2014
...and this is Sunair's latest Cessna 172 ZK-DPN taken at Tauranga on 13 October 2014
Tecnam P2006T ZK-MTW  taken at Tauranga on 20 October 2014
The Auckland Aero Club's Partenavia P68C ZK-SMB  taken at Tauranga on 20 October 2014
The Matamata based Slepcev Storch U/L ZK-STO arriving at Tauranga on 20 October 2014

And I also got to meet fellow aviation enthusiast Grayson Ottaway who took this photo of me in  the Classic Flyers' DH Heron

Masterton Worried about Future Air Service

Masterton's airline hoodoo has continued with news Vincent Aviation Ltd is on the verge of going into liquidation. Only two months ago, the council approved a last minute bid by the airline to start a passenger link between Masterton and Auckland - replacing the defunct Eagle Air service - and turning down a proposal by rival airline Air Chathams in the process. The decision to back the Vincent Aviation bid came after the airline's managing director, Peter Vincent, spoke to all councillors at a closed door meeting and despite knowing that Vincent Aviation's Australian arm had gone into receivership. Now, ANCL Investments Ltd has filed an application in the High Court at Wellington to liquidate the airline. Failure by Vincent Aviation to start the service would be the latest in a long line of on-off attempts to sustain a successful passenger air service from Masterton. In August, councillors had been swayed to overlook Air Chathams' bid in favour of Vincent Aviation for two major reasons. One was that Vincent Aviation would be flying a Saab 340, considered a better aircraft for the service than Air Chathams' Metroliner, referred to in aviation circles as the "flying pencil". The other major reason was, by opting for Vincent Aviation, there would be no immediate need to extend the runway at Masterton Airport, thereby saving $180,000. Yesterday, Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson said she had not heard from Vincent Aviation about the liquidation application. "But I will be following this up with our chief executive, Pim Borren," she said. Mrs Patterson said it was essential Masterton had an air link to Auckland, and, if the Vincent Aviation proposal was no longer an option, "we will be actively seeking an alternative". Wairarapa's passenger air service history is a chequered one with Wairarapa Airlines finally opting out in 1997, having failed in its bid to make the Masterton-Auckland route profitable. It was followed by Air Wairarapa, which was short-lived and failed financially, and, subsequently, the Air New Zealand-backed Eagle Air service. The application to put Vincent Aviation into liquidation will be heard in Wellington on October 28. 

I hope this doesn't come to pass. Vincent Aviation has been a good operator and provided some innovative services in NZ, Australia and at present in Myanmar. And I for one would like to see Masterton with an air service again. Good luck Vincent Aviation!

20 October 2014

Matamata Storch

Caught on 18 October 2014 at Matamata was locally owned Slepcev Storch U/L ZK-STO

A quick trip to Taupo

Having some work done on it was Heli Sika's Squirrel ZK-HIU. Photo taken at Taupo on 14 October 2014
I new one for me was Skydive Bay of Islands' Cessna 206 ZK-SKZ. Photo taken at Taupo on 14 October 2014
Locally owned Just Aircraft Super STOL ZK-RIM at Taupo's Centennial Park airfield on 14 October 2014