27 December 2018

Wanaka - Index of Posts

I am working on a post on Aspiring Air, and associated with this I wanted to put together link of the operators that have offered regular flights to Wanaka as follows below...

I do have some questions about Aspiring Air...
  • For quite a few years Aspiring Air ran an air service between Wanaka and Queenstown. The flights are mentioned in the September 1996 timetable but not in October 1997. Does anyone have a copy of the Air New Zealand domestic timetable for March/April 1997? If so could you please look and see if flights are listed from Wanaka???
  • Even better, does anyone know when the date flights finally stopped operating on behalf of Mount Cook Airlines?
  • Aspiring Air continued to operate "service flights" to Queenstown. Has anyone got any information on these flights?
  • When did the company finally stop operating? What was the reason?
  • Has anyone got something with a colour version of the logo above they could scan and send me?
Thanks in advance for any help - Steve westland831@gmail.com

Post being prepared. To be posted during 2019






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