21 December 2018

No flights again...

Following up from my post on the 10th of December... On that day I wrote, It seems no Originair flights were operated over the weekend for Originair despite the company's website showed full flights for Friday, Sunday and Monday. The website shows all flights are full for next weekend. Flights can be booked for flights from the 19th of December. 

However no flights were flown on the 19th, nor today which I would have thought would have been busy! The company is still advertising to book now but one wonders if and how flights will resume in the near future???


  1. ZK-ECI (J32) still sitting on Taxiway at Kapiti Coast Airport.
    Hasnt been moved since it was wheeled out of the hanger weeks ago.

  2. Looks like it's out to the 22nd of February before you can book a flight