13 December 2018

Jet Service to Westport?

An interesting change of registration on the CAA website, Cessna 525 Citation ZK-RJZ registered to Sounds Air. So, are Sounds Air are operating the aircraft on behalf of the operator, starting jet charter work or commencing jet services to Westport??? It will be interesting to see what transpires and whether the RJZ where the Sounds Air colour scheme or logo.  

And if my chance there is a jet service to Westport I for one would certainly try it!

UPDATE... Andrew Crawford has posted on Facebook, Didn’t change actual “Ownership”....Just operating it... Guess that means Westport won't get a jet service... meanwhile, there is an airline in the neighbourhood looking for an operator


  1. Private jets are not airliners. The chances of a jet being put onto a small regional service, apart from a temporary gap fill, AND making money, are zero. I'm sure we'll find it's simply been added to the AOC for the owners benefit rather than that of soundsair. Plus I don't think sir bob would be keen on the great unwashed dirtying the seats in his private jet !

  2. Hey Steve, check out Stuff, new direct Air NZ flights from AKL to IVC! Finally Haha!