23 December 2018

Air Chathams Christmas Update

As we are coming to the end of the year I flicked off an email to Air Chathams' Duane Emeny with some questions I had been wondering about... Here are his responses...

1. Has Saab 340 ZK-CIY entered service yet? 

There have been delays here due to a late decision to carry out a 4000 hour inspection and upgrade avionics in line with future PBN requirements. There have been a few unsuccessful system check flights on the new avionics fit. Another flight is scheduled for Christmas Eve to sign off the GPS upgrade. Then it will start operating on schedules/charters.

Here is a link explaining the PBN requirements...

Saab 340 ZK-CIY on 24 September 2018

2. I see the morning Auckland-Kapiti Coast and late morning Kapiti Coast-Auckland flight has been cut...  Have you any comment that you would like to make?

These flights were implemented on our original schedule based on our schedules in Whanganui & Whakatane. However, they were flight timings not previously offered by Air New Zealand and the uptake has been poor so they will be discontinued and are no longer available for booking.

There is a history of Air NZ's Kapiti Coast air service here...

I would just add to Duane's comment, Air New Zealand initially started into Paraparaumu with three weekday flights but couldn't sustain it.  

The last operation of flight 3C640 from Auckland to Kapiti Coast and flight 3C647 Kapiti Coast to Auckland is scheduled for Monday 24 December 2018.

3. There were a couple of other questions I asked Duane... He gives a great comment...

Guess you'll have to wait and see on that one :-)

I finished with a general comment... "It is great to see Air Chathams developing the way it is... it is certainly the most interesting and dynamic airline in New Zealand at present. Look forward to seeing what you guys will do next!" 

Thanks Steve. Its been a fun ride the last few years with plenty more to come :-)

And speaking for the airline enthusiasts in New Zealand Duane, we looking forward to seeing what you guys do next. Christmas greetings to you and the Air Chats team!

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  1. Great to hear about ZK-CIY almost thought of her as a ghost. Can't wait to see her at a air port near me.
    Sad to hear about Kapiti. Got the population there so hopefully the service stays steady and then look to build for the future as the patronage builds and the idea of walking to the airport looks more attractive.
    Christchurch is still an idea, if the Q300s (50 seats) were half full (25), makes the metro and saab 19-34 look like a potential opportunity... pending on operating economics.
    That comment keeps us in suspense regarding air chats and 2019...? A year to consolidate and grow add frequency current routes and potentially look to open new routes this time next year.... Unless the "wait and see..." is referring to another potential service cut from Air NZs network.....