26 February 2011

Wairoa - Index of Posts

I have found the air services through Wairoa an interesting topic to research. Unlike any other centre in New Zealand its flights have been largely been governed by courier freight, including newspapers, mail, bank data and courier items. Because of this it has not been easy to research and so please do not treat this as gospel. If you have any information, additions, corrections, photos or thoughts so I can update these posts and the historical database I would be happy to hear from at westland831@gmail.com  - Cheers, Steve

The links to the individual Wairoa posts can be found at...

Company Profile:
Air Service to Wairoa:

Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club

Company Profile
East Coast Service:
Company Profile:
A photographic essay on Air Napier's East Coast service can be found at


  1. Can you do a piece on the Great Barrier Island operators next?

  2. A mighty effort on a rather obscure corner of Aotearoa aviation history.