09 February 2011

2nd Q300 Nose Wheel Incident an Blenheim

A Dash 8 plane has landed safely at Blenheim Airport despite missing a nose wheel. The airport was put on full alert after the Bombardier Dash 8 was diverted from Wellington Airport. Fire crews from Woodbourne, Blenheim, Renwick and Nelson were called to the scene, but the plane touched down with a good third of the runway to spare. The Air Nelson plane circled the airport for around 30 minutes before landing. Passengers, some carrying children, were able to walk from the plane. There were no reported injuries. People at the scene said the plane had been flying from Hamilton to Wellington. Airways New Zealand Corporate Communications Manager Nikki Hawkey said the plane had under carriage problems. "I think a light turned on in the cockpit and alerted the pilot to the problem," she said. The Dash 8 is a medium range, twin-engined passenger aircraft, used on regional routes in New Zealand.

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