03 February 2011

Ground Transport - Chatham Islands Style

In September 1969 Blue Bus from the NZ Civil Aircraft Blog (http://www.nzcivair.blogspot.com/) captured this great picture of the "yellow submarine" which was used to carry passengers and freight on the Chathams across the lagoon to the old Hapuku airfield to meet the Safe Air Bristol Freighter flight. Photo : Blue Bus

Similar big wheeled transport is used in Antarctica to provide transport from McMurdo to the ice runway, Pegasus or Williams Field. Above an example of a Delta and below Ivan the Terra Bus. The Deltas run a shuttle service for those who work at the airfield sites while Ivan takes passengers for flights to and from Christchurch. Taken in December 2008. Photos : S Lowe 

Why they need the big wheels... the drive from across the "transition" from the sea ice to the land... Even with the big wheels Deltas and Ivan got stuck often enough. Taken in December 2008. Photos : S Lowe 

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