28 December 2018

Santa's late present for Golden Bay Air


"Is Santa bringing a late present for Golden Bay?" This is the latest post on Golden Bay Air's Facebook page. Also posted was a screenshot from Flightaware showing a Gippsland GA8 Airvan, VH-BNG, flying yesterday from Latrobe Valley to Melbourne's Essendon Airport.

And the answer is "Yes! Santa is bringing a late present for Golden Bay Air" The factory new Airvan is now over the Tasman and due in Wellington about 11.00am and will fly to Nelson later today and will be registered ZK-ZUG.

Source : https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VHBNG

From Wellington the Airvan proceeded to Nelson where it had the ferry fuel tank and was removed. The Golden Bay Air Facebook page says, "But you'll have to wait a couple of weeks now until the grand reveal" so it look as if it is to be repainted in Golden Bay Air colours before entering service.


  1. surely it could have flown straight to nelson?,

  2. I think it needs to clear customs etc.. so Wellington it is.
    On that note.... with the many biz jet flights into NZ during the summer.... can on just fly straight into a key secondary port ie Rotorua or Tauranga? Are there or can you arrange customs to be there or do you need to fly to eaithr the current international airports?
    And again with flying out. Can you fly direct to a overseas international/customs service airport departing any domestic nz airport or do you need still need customs clearance/departure from the key nz international airports?

  3. There was an international movement out of Nelson about the same time the Airvan flew past. With the port at Nelson its no problem doing customs there... I am sure there was a good reason it went to WLG instead... my guess is it will have something to do with getting it into service ASAP