17 December 2018

Fly My Sky's Whangarei service...

Fly My Sky is one of the few New Zealand's regional airlines that I haven't flown on so while they were offering cheap fares to Whangarei I thought I would check out there new service. It turned out to be just one of those days.

I had set my alarm for 4.00am to drive to Auckland but didn''t turn it on so walk up at 4.31am for a 6.25am check in at Auckland International...  A quick shower on the road to face the Takanini road block but I managed to make it on time for check in...

There's my flight FS3069, to Whangarei

No doubt what plane we were flying in

BN Islander ZK-SFK waiting for its passengers... two of us this morning

The flight this morning was under the command of Adam - this is his front office.

The big boys getting ready for the start of their day

It's a long way down to holding point Alpha 10 for Runway 05

After a 777 and a number of Airbuses departed we got the word to line up behind the ATR

Not sure if there is enough runway for an Islander...

Motukorea - Browns Island

Rangitoto and Motutapu

Coming up on Orewa on track to Puhoi

Mangawhai Harbour with the Hen and Chicken Islands in the background

Bream Bay

Whangarei straight ahead - the question is where does the fog end

There is Whangarei in the distance

On the missed approach - the fog was right above the airport

Really frustrating as we got these lovely views of Whangarei

VFR down towards the Whangarei Heads to see if we could get under the cloud but there was no chance 

Passing the Kaipara Harbour

North Shore Airport

RNZAF Whenuapai

Approaching the Manakau Heads

One of the resevoirs in Waitakere Ranges

Finals Runway 05

So I didn't get to Whangarei, and I didn't get a photo of a Fly My Sky Britten Norman Islander at Whangarei. Maybe I'll be able to do that sometime in the future.

Thanks to Adam for the great flight!


  1. 2 people :/ That's not going to pay the bills.

    Cant help the weather though. Haha how frustrating having those clear views but the airport socked in! :)

  2. What strange looking flight controls? Any reason why these used instead of the traditional flight yoke?

    1. Dont think its the original yoke. Maybe a retro fit to add those switches for something