20 September 2010

Airbridge grounds ATR

The heavy snowfall in Southland has caused problems at Invercargill Airport where an airbridge clipped the wing of an Air New Zealand plane. The incident happened yesterday morning when snow was thick on the ground, Air New Zealand spokesperson Marie Hosking said. "An ATR aircraft was coming in and it was difficult to see the markings so it stopped slightly short of where it would normally be," she told NZPA. An airbridge (a moveable bridge which connects the terminal to the plane) then hit the wing of the small plane. The region has been hit hard by snow over the weekend causing roofs to collapse, while farmers have suffered huge losses at the peak of the lambing season. More snow is forecast over the next few days.

The "small plane" was ATR 72 ZK-MCA and it is apparently out of action for a week!

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