18 October 2010

Pacific Blue exits NZ Domestic Market

Budget carrier Pacific Blue exited the New Zealand domestic market 18Oct following their press release in mid August.

Boeing 737-800 ZK-PBA flew the final domestic flight for the airline as DJ3055 from Wellington to Auckland Sunday evening (or was there a later Wellington-Christchurch service?).
ZK-PBA arriving at Auckland 16Oct10, Mike Condon photo


  1. I was the last-ever passenger to board DJ3055 - got clapped and cheered on by the ground staff. Flight attendants had trouble holding back the tears when we landed at AKL...was a very memorable flight. Had all the ground crew running around the tarmac and boarding area taking photos...

  2. Thanks SF340! Did you see the Saab 340 arrive at Wellington then?

    Can you confirm this was indeed the final DJ domestic service that you travelled on, or was there another flight?


  3. Oddly I didn't see any Saab's at WLG but to be honest my mind was away in the clouds that I was on the final DJ service. And yes I can confirm this was the final-ever flight. I do believe that PBA might have been heading empty to CHC later that evening once it arrived in AKL but was going to be carrying no revenue pax. It was a great flight, lovely little party at the boarding gate and everything - they went out in style and fun. Also I should point out that when we arrived at AKL the DJ desks were gone...