09 December 2010

Seneca for Golden Bay Air

There was plenty to see (from both air and land), and good news at the Golden Bay Flying Club Open day last Saturday. While the Takaka Aerodrome was buzzing with visiting aircraft, pilots and plane-lovers, Golden Bay Air announced that it will soon be providing a year-round service for the Bay’s passengers and commuters to Wellington. En route on a boat from the States is a twin-engine, six-seat Piper Seneca, to join Golden Bay Air’s six-seat single-engine Piper Saratoga, which carries passengers for part of the year between Wellington and Golden Bay, and the four-seat Piper Warrior which is used for scenic flights, said Golden Bay Air secretary Lisa Sheppard. Pilots Alex Wilkinson and Daryl Williamson said the company is not allowed to fly single-engine passenger planes in certain weather conditions. “The Seneca will arrive after Christmas, and be in service hopefully from mid-February, after it has been painted in GB Air colours and had its wings put back on. This will allow all-year, all-weather flights to and from the Bay, offering more flexibility and continuity of service and a viable alternative to Air New Zealand.”

For full article see http://gbweekly.co.nz/2010/12/8/flying-club-open-day

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