02 January 2012

A long time ago, in the days before internet flight booking...

Westport is to be the hub of a West Coast airline communications setup, a spokesman for NC said yesterday. The corporation has approved a new and improved communications system linking the company’s office in Westport with the Greymouth, and Hokitika agencies. A leased direct telephone Circuit will not only improve reservations procedures and methods of communications at these points, but also Link in with the facilities required when the Dorac System (computerisation reservations system) is introduced in 1970-71, one requirement being, the limiting of the number of principal agents connected to the teleprinter network to assist in maintaining the discipline and control necessary for accurate input to the computer. The N.A.C. teleprinter, in the Union Steam Ship Company’s, Westport office, will serve as the direct link with NAC's Christchurch relay station linking with the New Zealand-wide network. Reservations facilities available at Westport are the same as at any N.A.C., branch, namely full "sell and record" facilities for an N.A.C. services throughout, New Zealand. Hokitika and Greymouth agents have no permanent  communications connection to the N.A.C. network, reservations being made through Westport on daily fixed time toll calls over the normal Post Office circuits or, sometimes, by the agents Concerned by toll call with Christchurch at the passenger's expense. Hokitika also, can use the D.C.A. (Department of Civil Aviation) network for Class B (reservation) messages. All these will be eliminated by the new system, and at a slightly lower cost to N.A.C. Country clients will save on toll calls and will be able to secure immediate reservations unless the required flight is nearly fully booked, when slightly more time will required to secure a reservation. Altogether nine different communications systems Were considered, the finally decided set-up being found to be the superior system, especially as It provides a better and more economic communication With N.A.C., Nelson for administrative and operations procedures.

Westport "News" 26 March 1968

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