03 May 2012

Chatham Islands - Index of Posts

Air services to the Chatham Islands with a flying boat service, before “progressing” to Safe’s Airs Bristol Freighter service using Hapupu airfield and a land based air service. The next step up in the Chathams air service was the development of the new sealed Tuuta Airport at Karewa Point. This enabled a new level of air service to the Chathams with Safe Air’s pressurised turboprop Argosy aircraft. But the Safe Air days have gone and today Air Chathams offer a five day a week unsubsidised air service using Convair 580s flying to and from the mainland.

While Safe Air and Air Chathams have been the main players in offering the Chathams an air service others have tried. While I do not intend do a systematic series of postings on these air services I hope over an extended time to fill in the gaps on some of these operations listed below on the Chathams run.

As always I would be most grateful in information, photos, stories and, after they are posted, corrections and omissions to me at westland831@gmail.com - Thanks, Steve











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