15 June 2012

Farewell to a 3rd Level Airliner

Jetstream 32EP c/n 968 has spent over thirteen years in NZ and during that time worn three different registrations and flown on behalf of several carriers.  Today, 15 June, registered ZK-ECR, it departed Auckland on the long haul delivery flight to South Africa with initial stops at Norfolk Island and Coolangatta/Gold Coast.

The aircraft arrived at Wellingtonn from Pago Pago on 26 March 1999 as N968AE and was initally registered ZK-REW with Rex Aviation, trading as Ansett NZ,  who in turn became Tasman Pacific Airlines.  Following its collapse in April 2001 it ended up moving to Origin Pacific where it became ZK-JSQ in September 2002.  This airline in turn collapsed and the aircraft languished until its operation was taken up by Air National who re-registered it ZK-ECR in July 2006.  Air National then had its air operator's certificate revoked and operations moved to Vincent Aviation in April 2011 however the aircraft remained stored at Auckland.  Twelve months later and Airwork Flight Operations assumed the role of registered owner to whom it remained with until its delivery to South Africa.
Above and below, ZK-REW at Nelson 29 November 1999, MRC photos

ZK-REW at Wellington 29 November 2000, MRC photo

ZK-JSQ at Christchurch 24 November 2002, MRC photo
ZK-ECR at Auckland 27 July 2010, Steve L photo
And at Auckland in April 2011, supplied


  1. The aircaft did not spend it's time with Vincent in storage in Auckland. It was active during the lease and spent a good deal of time operating charters ex WLG.

  2. thanks for your comment anon, since you are in the know can you advise when it was used out of Wellington (just a rough idea like what month to what month).

    Thanks in advance, JJ Bowen