05 September 2012

Okiwi Airfield Development

Okiwi airfield's grass runway has been problematic for a number of years with commercial planes reluctant to land there. The board has promoted runway sealing at Okiwi through its Local Board Plan and has received strong community support for this in Local Board Plan, Agreement and Long-term Plan submissions. The aim of sealing the runway is to improve transport and communications for the north Barrier community. It also represents a strategically important project in the board's wider economic revitalisation agenda. A stakeholders' meeting was held on 24 April 2012 to discuss the future of the airfield. Thirty-three people attended the meeting with representatives from the north Barrier community, northern visitorand accommodation providers, airlines, car rental companies and DoC. The majority of attendees were united in their support for seating the Okiwi runway. The Great Barrier Local Board is pleased to announce it has secured funding in the current year's budget to progress design and consenting work, with further funding to cover the cost of construction in its 2013/2014 year's budget.
Source : Barrier Bulletin 18 August 2012
Above, a view looking down on the Okiwi airstrip.... one can see why it is prone to becoming boggy... and below the passenger facilities. Photos taken in September 2011 by S Lowe

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