11 February 2013

Vincent's J32 ZK-VAI "Enters service"

Vincent Aviation's Jetstream 32EP ZK-VAI, ex VH-OTP, made its first recorded flights on behalf of Eagle Air 11 February when it was pressed into service under charter to the Air NZ Link carrier.  ZK-VAI positioned from Wellington to Hamilton where it then conducted a flight to Palmerston North, then to Wellington, back to Palmerston North, onwards to Hamilton and finally finishing up in Auckland.

The aircraft was delivered to Wellington under its VH markings on 26 September 2012 still wearing the colours of the Philippine operator it flew with as RP-C863.  It was placed on the NZ register 09 November and was noted making perhaps its first flight under ZK markings from Wellington to Woodbourne and return on 14 December.


  1. I was on this Jetstream from PMR-WLG. Sorry I do not like the Jetstreams

  2. They're great aircraft. Really enjoy the three abreast seating in comparison with the B1900'S setup.

  3. Underpowered, overengineered pile of junk.

  4. Interesting to see how much 'hate' there is towards the J32 - similar to the unjustified bad rep that A320s seem to have.

    Sure, they're underpowered compared to the Space Shuttle, but a J32EP has more power than a B1900C, and is only 200-300 a side behind a B1900D. When you consider the fact that B1900s cost significantly more to buy, operate and maintain than a B1900, I can definitely see why they're used by VA. The simple fact is that it's simply not economically viable to use a B1900 for the work that Vincent have for their four Jetstreams.