03 March 2013

Up to the Naki up back

Following Wings over Wairarapa I had a drive up to New Plymouth and back to catch up on friends at both Whanganui and New Plymouth... On the way to the Wanganui I captured a number of aircraft I hadn't seen before...

Gippsland GA200C Fatman ZK-EMD was at Fielding on 20 January 2013
Cessna 152 ZK-NFO at Fielding on 20 January 2013
Over at Whanganui things were very quiet... Robinson R22 takes off on training from the pumps.
 The next day I drove up to New Plymouth...

Zenair Zodiac CH-600 was basking in the sun at Hawera on 21 January 2013

Photo of the excursion would have to be Helicopter New Zealand's Agusta AW139 ZK-HNO about to depart New Plymouth on 21 January 2013

Robinson R44 ZK-IAU was refuelling at New Plymouth on 21 January 2013

Cessna TR182 ZK-MAS at New Plymouth on 21 January 2013

Cessna 172RG Cutlass ZK-NPM at New Plymouth on 21 January 2013 
On the way back to Palmerston North the day started and ended with a Partenavia...

The New Plymouth Aero Club's Partenavia ZK-ZSP at New Plymouth on 22 January 2013

Also at New Plymouth was Cessna 206 ZK-MHL

Joe had flown Taylor Monoplane over to Stratford from Norfolk strip... the mighty Corolla in the background

Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 ZK-LTK was also at Stratford on 22 Janaury 2013

At Wanganui locally owned Denney Kitfox II ZK-KIT was having a engine run-up

While at Fielding the training fleet was out, including Cessna 152 ZK-ETS

Cessna 172s ZK-FTM and ZK-JHC

And the last photo on 22 January 2013, Air Manawatu's Partenavia ZK-LAK was also at Fielding

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