02 November 2013

Aborted Take off At Auckland

The following was reported on Stuff this afternoon...
A chartered aircraft flying an Air New Zealand service has come off the runway after aborting its take off at Auckland International Airport. The Vincent Aviation Jetstream flight operating an Air New Zealand/Eagle Airways service to Taupo had 14 passengers and two pilots aboard. No one was hurt in the incident just before 3pm and while the runway was closed, forcing aircraft diversions, it has since reopened. A Stuff photographer saw the aircraft towed back from the side of the runway. It was taken to the Skycare executive terminal showing no obvious signs of damage. Luggage was being unloaded and the passengers were put on another flight to Taupo that left at 4.30pm. Metservice records indicate there was a 33 kilometre per hour wind from the south west at the time of the accident.
The headline was however, overly dramatic - Lucky escape for plane at Auckland
Why was it lucky??? Perhaps Aborted Take off At Auckland might have been a better description. Certainly this would more apt since we didn't know what the problem was and what the crew had to contend with!

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  1. I hear some strawberries were consumed as a result of the lucky escape. And AIAL are now looking to plant potatoes in the furrow created by the high speed (30kts....) runway excursion....... Sounds like a case of nosewheel steering fault.