30 March 2014

Some more from Tonga

Here are some more shots from Peter White's trip to Tonga in January...

Beech Queen Air A3-CIA arriving into Fua'amotu on 13 January 2014. A3-CIA is ex New Zealand registered ZK-WKA (see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/06/ex-port-hutt-air-queen-air-for-chathams.html).  It flew to Tonga in June 2010 for service with Chathams Pacific. Now in service with Real Tonga it has been repainted.

The Tongan Defence Forces Champion Citabria A3-AWB at Fua'amotu on 16 January 2014
Beech Queen Air A3-CIA and Beech 18 N500MK at Fua'amotu on 16 January 2014
Chathams Pacific's Metroliner ZK-CIC and BN Islander ZK-LYP  outside at Fua'amotu while inside the hangar is BN Islander A3-PAS (bought from Samoa Air) and the MA-60 A3-RTL.


  1. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else but China and Tonga are working to use Tonga as an aviation hub which will act as a link between China and South America.
    Tonga to arrange air service agreements with a number of South American Countries.
    Geographically Tonga is in the right position for this. This could really boost the economy of Tonga if it works out. I can see passengers stopping off in Tonga while in transit. Should be very good for tourism.

    Also China is gifting a Harbin Y12E SP(Special Purpose) aircraft which will carry passengers and also perform ocean patrol duties for Tonga. I think the crew are in China being trained at the moment and the aircraft should be in Tonga shortly.

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