28 April 2015

Sounds Air's Westport Service Takes Off

A new chapter of aviation history began this afternoon with Sounds Air introducing Westport to its network replacing the previous Air New Zealand service to and from Wellington. The difference between the end of Air New Zealand service and the launch of the Sounds Air service couldn't be marked. There was no fan fare to farewell the Air New Zealand service and only a half dozen people came out to watch. With the Sounds Air service the band was there, the Lions put on a sausage sizzle and well about 150 people gathered to check out the Pilatus PC-12. My feeling is Westport people will soon be calling it "our plane." Here is some of the highlights of the day...

Sounds Air's Pilatus PC-12 ZK-PLS arrives from Wellington on 28 April 2015.

A closer look at the PC-12 with the doors open

...and a look in the accommodation 
and the front service
In the terminal the signage had changed...
...while outside the band played.
Sound Air's Andrew Crawford (left) talking about the new air service and the forthcoming air service from Wellington to Taupo. As part of this he announced that a leased Pilatus will be crossing the Tasman tomorrow to become ZK-PLT. In the centre Sounds Air's chief pilot Willie Sage and on the right Buller District mayor Gary Howard
The Pilatus heads out on a quick scenic for the media and four lucky winners drawn from the crowd 
...and it comes back!

Now boarding, Sounds Air flight 988 to Wellington... with Damien O'Connor MP for Tasman-West Coast being one of the passengers.

Sounds Air 988 taxis at Westport under the command of Willie Sage and Naama Gueta
Airborne for Wellington

Sounds Air flies 13 return flights between Wellington and Westport. 
Bookings can be made at www.soundsair.com

For more on Sounds Air see 


  1. Thanks for your coverage on Westport Steve. Some really neat photos in amongst there. Was really hoping to get out to Whakatane this morning to see off the last Eagle flight, and welcome in the new Air Chats service. Have booked myself on Saturday mornings service to Auckland, so am looking forward to flying out of WHK on WHKs new airlink provider!

    Out of interest how many people flew into WSZ and back to WLG on the Pilatus?

  2. Why do they need two pilots for a single pilot operation?