29 November 2015

KRL 2 - Nelson to Hamilton

Following on from my Originair flight on 18 November 2015 I caught Kiwi Regional from Nelson to Hamilton.
Kiwi Regional's Saab 340 ZK-KRA arriving into Nelson from Dunedin

The Kiwi Regional's rather unique boarding pass

Welcome aboard this Kiwi Regional Airlines flight to Nelson
The first and only time I flew into Nelson I was lined up for 02 and then cleared to land Grass 02... over there by the sea
Beautiful views of Tasman Bay

Kiwi Regional inflight service

Mount Taranaki/Egmont slipping past the left hand side

Anyone know where this strip is???
Crossing over the Tron

Touchdown in Hamilton

All in all I thought Kiwi Regional were pretty good. The aircraft cabin is not as polished as Originair. The crew were friendly. I think they could be more generous with the coffee and look to something a bit better than the chocolate chippies. For all that people seemed very happy with the flight.  


  1. Do you know how many passengers there was?

  2. I see that airstrip often when I fly NSN-AKL, it's somewhere east of Stratford I know that much

  3. Thats not bad at 76.5% loading, pretty decent