16 March 2016

Kiwi Regional at Tauranga

Caught at Tauranga on 15 March 2015 was Kiwi Regional's Saab 340 arriving as KRL 8 from Nelson...

...and then departing as KRL 9 to Nelson. Kiwi Regional fly the Nelson-Tauranga twice a week with an additional flight to be added later in the year.


  1. Hi there, I've just been looking at the latest master plan for TRG airport and what caught my eye was that in the annual forecast, that a WLG jetstar service in October 2016 has been mentioned. Is this just wishful thinking by TRG or are Jetstar about to deploy more aircraft ?


  2. TRG - WLG will go from Q300 overnighting aircraft, to an ATR 72 in October...