18 May 2016


After being in a bland all white scheme for years Air Chatham's Convair 580 has finally been repainted in full Air Chathams colours...

Thanks to AgAirNZ who could ZK-CIF at Auckland on 18 May 2016 before it departed on a charter to Gisborne...
Looking smart Air Chats!


  1. Stickers. First time CIF has ever been in green.

  2. Must be a sign to say that Chathams are planning on keeping these old girls for a little while longer! It is also interesting that they are now concerned with brand recognition, when there is now three different paint schemes in the fleet (CIC, PVB and the Convairs).

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  4. Wonder if I had anything to do with it and the email I sent a couple of months back and about being proud of being a airline from the wop wops that stood up to the big boys and rescuing a small town from being cut off from the trunk line and wear that two tone green and the map of where they are from with pride and stop hiding behind a blanket of white... Glad they are getting it together livery wise... few other 3rd levelers could follow suite...
    Wonder about ZK-CIE.... will it follow suite..?

  5. Picking up some of KRA work probably pushed a livery application as well...Whatever, it's great to see.