04 March 2017

Flying Cook Strait on Sounds Air

Boarding my Sounds Air flight at Wellington for Blenheim on 23 February 2017
Sounds Air 277 rolls Runway 16
A right turn past a cloud shrouded Island Bay
The cloud broke as we approached the South Island

Crossing the coast...

The Wairau River
On finals for Runway 24 at Woodbourne Airport

Now boarding, flight S8 266 to Wellington
Lined up on 06 grass - we had to wait for Air NZ to land and take off!
Flying past the end of 06/24
Big Lagoon again...
Looking out to Cape Campbell
Approaching the North Island

Oteranga Bay, the termination point for the inter-island Cook Strait power cable.
The Wind Farm

Stunning views of Wellington and harbour

Right base Runway 16 at Wellington
On finals...


  1. Richard down to Kaikoura and back to Blenheim... Pete back to Wellington