28 October 2017

Kaikoura Flights Continue

Sounds Air have announced that they have extended flights on the Blenheim - Kaikoura route for the remainder of the year. Flights will be available through to 31 December.

Sounds Air operates up to 5 flights per week on the Blenheim - Kaikoura route.


  1. Not ideal for New Years travellers

  2. I suspect the road will be open by then...

  3. They say the road north of Kaikoura will be open, but only just. It’ll be single lane in parts, stop/go controlled, and if the road south is anything to go on, it’ll be curfewed. Then the weather will play a big part in opening/closing it while they still work on it.

    I think the “open road” is just a token gesture to say they’ve done it, but it’ll be another year at least until it’s fully operational. In the meantime, frequency might lower, but I think Sounds Air have another couple of months work there.

  4. No reason they shouldn't continue the service if it remains well supported, hopefully the locals keep using it :-)