28 October 2018

Northern Commuter Airlines' Nomad

The interest on the Fly My Sky service to Whangarei has led me to work on a post on Northern Commuter Airlines which was the successor to Whangarei Air Taxis. They started operating with Nomad ZK-NDB.

I am looking for a photo of it with Northern Commuter Airlines titles. If anyone has one could they please send me one to use on the blog to westland831@gmail.com

The Northern Commuter Airlines run operated flights in conjunction with Ansett and so later Tranzair and Ansett Regional aircraft were used into Whangarei

In the meantime these other operators also operated competition against NAC or Air New Zealand on the Auckland-Whangarei run ...


  1. Hi Steve,
    Along with the above there was also Ansett NZ that flew to Whangarei. They once had a fairly extensive network over the country to 16 cities.

    1. Ansett is already mentioned above