01 November 2018

Second Caravan Sporting the New Colour Scheme

Thanks to Nick from Barrier Air for sending through these great pics of two of Barrier Air's Caravans now sporting the new colour scheme. ZK-SDC received her paint job in Napier and joins ZK-SDD in wearing the new colours. This leaves only ZK-SDB to get the new colours.

Cessna Caravans ZK-SDD and ZK-SDC at Auckland on 31 October 2018


  1. What a brilliant job they are doing. The next sounds air? Love the caravan.

  2. Some other news regarding paintjobs; ZK-OKH has been repainted into the Black Beauty livery, with a first flight in the livery scheduled for Melbourne tomorrow. I would share an image I have received, but I'm not quite familiar with how to share images over Blogspot. I also do not know who to credit for the image, as a friend has shared it with me.