26 September 2019

Boeing 737-300F ZK-FXJ

Arriving at Auckland during the predawn hours of 24 August 2019 was former Bluebird Cargo's Boeing 737-36E(BDSF) TF-BBF. On delivery to Airwork Flight Operations, the 737 had arrived at Brisbane on the morning of 23 August 2019 from Brunei and Darwin and departed in the first hour of the 24th heading to across the Tasman. 

It has since rolled out of the operator's hangar marked as ZK-FXJ and entered service on the evening of 25 September 2019 flying from Auckland to Christchurch as "Airpak 71", returning north as APK74.

However, it is understood the 737 will ultimately be destined for duties other than Parcelair operations so watch this space. 

On the move at Auckland to conduct engine runs 24 September 2019