10 October 2019

New Type

Today I flew on a new type for me... an Embraer 145. The 50 seater jet was similar to the one pictured below by Air France Hop, formerly known as HOP! which is a regional airline operating flights on behalf of its parent company Air France. I flew from Brussel to Lyon...

Very nice - one wonders what the future for holds for the Embraer 135s and 145s... I'm glad I got an opportunity to fly in one before they disappear. 

Embraer 145 F-GUBG at Lyon on 9 October 2019

And perhaps you remember an outfit called Kiwijet that proposed flying Embraer 145s - in fact they proposed a number of things but never got even close to getting airborne.

The only other new type I have flown on this year was the Airbus 350-900.

However, I'm sure there are a lot of other folk out there that have flown on lots of interesting new types... Leave a comment...


  1. Three new aircraft for me this year.

    Finally managed to fly on the Q200 variant, SYD-LDH

    A DHC6 Twin Otter from GLA-BRR

    Also a Saab 2000 from EDI-LSI. What a machine the Saab 2000 is!! Extremely quick, comfortable, and surprisingly quiet. Probably now my new favourite turboprop.

  2. Very jealous on the Saab 2000... a real rare type in the South Pacific