15 February 2020

Up and Down the Coast #1

Thanks to Matthew Beaven who has been on the Coast a few times lately...
He has caught some great photos, particularly of the rotary activity.

Heliservices NZ's Hughes 500D ZK-IDD at Hokitika on 1 October 2019

Helicopters Otago's Kawasaki BK117 ZK-IME at Greymouth  on 1 October 2019

GCH Aviation's Kawasaki BK117 ZK-HJC at Greymouth  on 11 January 2020

Precision Helicopters' Hughes 500E ZK-HDE at Kowhitirangi on  6 February 2020

Ahaura Helicopter's Robinson R44 ZK-HFU at Ahaura on 7 February 2020

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