20 July 2020

Interesting piece in the ODT

I found the first part of this article interesting... 

Ralph Fegan does not disguise his disappointment as he prepares to join the ranks of the recently redundant. Mr Fegan has been facilities and maintenance manager at Wanaka Airport for the past two years, and was manager for more than a dozen years before that. Tomorrow is his last day. Speaking to the Otago Daily Times at the weekend, Mr Fegan said he was disappointed not to be around to see Sounds Air start up its proposed air service between Wanaka and Christchurch. "The reality is they should have been here two years ago, when they wanted to come, but politically that hasn’t happened. "Hopefully, it will very, very soon."

The full article can be found here : https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/wanaka/disappointed-be-leaving

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