16 January 2022

KBZ on the 5th and the 7th

It is a nice drive from Blenheim to Kaikoura... and I enjoyed the scenery. Unfortunately I missed the change of speed limit to 80km/hr and got pinged. I thought when the red and blue lights went on I was being done because of the 4km'/hr tolerance so a shock when I heard that I was in the 80km/hr zone. However the spotting at Kaikoura on the 5th of January 2022 made it worthwhile but I imagine they are going to be expensive photos!  

I finally have managed to get photos of Air Kaikoura's Gippsland Airvan ZK-EHS on the 5th

Air Kaikoura's other Airvan ZK-ORC was in cargo configuration on the 5th of January 2022

and on the 7th it was in passenger configuration 

Air Kaikoura Cessna 172 ZK-JCT on the 5th

Wings Over Whales Airvan ZK-FSR on the 5th of January 2022. FSR and ORC used to both operate with Fly Stark... ORC was then registered ZK-FSS

A glimpse in the hangar on the 7th of January 2022 caught Just Aircraft Highlander ZK-JKO

... and Zlin Aviation Savage ZK-KSC


  1. Mate, being a plane spotter is never a cheap exercise I tell you!!!
    I thought it would be much cheaper than spending at a pub...
    The amount of $$$ I have spent at Auckland Airport when I used to live there..
    Oh it's just going to be a couple minutes at the Int terminal at the old viewing deck.... $30-40 later...
    The best one was, one day I was at the viewing car park and I was done for the day and a Qantas jetconnect 737-800 flew past just I was about to leave.. ZK-ZQC?? of the 10 it was the only one I hadn't photographed...
    I thought oh I've just spent $40 at the car park... I'll dart in (20 min free) and take a quick snap... because Qantas parked their aircraft on the other side...
    Trying to poke the camera through the fence where there was a little window through to the airside.. perfect side on view, couldn't have asked for a better opportunity.. 5 minutes done!!! Aviation security pulled up... 20 minutes later and a bit of a lecture about were I could and couldn't take photos...
    That venture ended up costing me 60 odd that day...

  2. These 80km/h speed limits popping up on the open road around NZ are a great revenue-gathering exercise for police. They will have dollar signs in their eyes over the forthcoming reduction of the speed limit to 80km/h over a considerable length of the Napier-Taupo highway. And Waka Kotare have signalled they are considering reducing the speed limit on SH2 to 80km/h between Masterton and Featherston. I can just see those cops staking out the deserted highway at 2am waiting to bust motorists who dare to travel quicker than 80km/h on those long straights. And the worst thing is that with 80km/h speed limits, the Nana drivers do 60km/h, but still speed-up when they reach passing lanes. Best to fly wherever possible and avoid those 80km/h highways, eh? At least then, you'll be on the operational side of the security fences when you arrive at the destination airport. And I wonder what happened to the 21st century flying-cars we were looking foward to back in the 1950s and 1960s?