20 February 2023

Chathams' Airport Update


Downers recently gave a project update on the Chatham Islands Airport runway extension... For the period 11 to 30 January they reported, 

Since our last update we have:

  • Reinducted all our staff so they’re ready to go!
  • Completed the pre-level paving of the existing runway from the blast pavement at eastern end.
  • Commenced the final wearing course over the relevelling.
  • Completed the security fencing and new gates.
  • Completed the levelling and grass seeding of areas around the taxiways and apron.
  • Completed carting of aggregates from Waitaha quarry.

Upcoming Works - Key construction activity we will be doing:

  • Complete the pre-levelling to the Existing runway.
  • Continuing the final paving of the existing runway
  • We expect to have completed paving in March following our next rotation break.


  1. With a new runway 737COMBI operations from CHT to AKL and WLG could be possibilities

  2. Has Air Chats released any info regarding acquiring b737's?

    1. Don't think they have but hopefully soon

  3. What will be the finished length of the new runway?