24 June 2023

Introducing ZK-CIW and friends

Air Chathams' second Saab 340A freighter, ZK-CIW, now sporting its New Zealand registration at Auckland on 23 June 2023

This is a ship I'd love to have a ride in, Air Chathams' Aero Commander 690A ZK-PVB at Auckland on 23 June 2023. I understand it was up in Kiribati on aerial mapping duties recently

Another Beech B200 Super King Air, Life Flight's ZK-LFA operated by Air Freight NZ at Auckland on 23 June 2023. 



  1. so i suspect thats CIWs final livery?
    Would be nice if they done a KFL for one of them

  2. Makes you wonder if it's going to get the current air chats saab paint or will it be like what Barrier air did with its aircraft and air chats just paint their green over the current pel air livery and make it a modern take of the original air chats livery???

    I definitely think the metro livery would work though!!!