26 February 2010

Island Air Mishap

Bruce Gavin sent an email regarding Island Air Charter/Adventure Aviation Ltd who operate a shuttle service between Tauranga and Motiti Island. On 21 January 2010 their Cessna 172, ZK-WGE, overran the airstrip at Motiti Island. None of the four people on board were injured.

Cessna 172 ZK-WGE taken at Tauranga on 11 November 2005 - F B Gavin photo


  1. The best 172 ever!

  2. Never nice to hear of a prang, but -
    I flew WGE at Ardmore just after Ace Edwards got it.
    Static-ridden hand-held mike, wobbling sagging seats, massively out of balance rudder trim - the worst 172 experience I've ever had.
    I flew just one circuit and refused to touch it ever again.