02 September 2010

ZK-CNS - The Report

The TAIC report for Great Barrier Airline's Piper Cherokee 6 incident lasy year is out... The abstract is printed below, the link below that.

At about 1305 on 29 September 2009, ZK-CNS, a Piper Cherokee 6, took off from runway 28 at Great Barrier Aerodrome for a scheduled 30-minute flight to Auckland International Airport. On board were 5 passengers and the pilot. The aeroplane was near its maximum authorised weight, and when it lifted off it encountered a wind shift at a critical time that caused a loss of lift. The wind shift, along with the pilot?s premature retraction of flap, prevented the aeroplane reaching sufficient speed to climb before it struck vegetation. The pilot consequently lost control of the aeroplane and it stalled into a swampy area about 700 metres from the end of the runway. The pilot and one passenger received moderate injuries and the other 4 occupants received minor injuries. The aeroplane was destroyed. The selection of runway offered limited options for any escape manoeuvre if there were a loss of aeroplane performance for any reason. No new safety issues have been identified that have not already been documented and widely recognised throughout the aviation industry.

ZK-CNS in happier days, taxiing out at North Shore on the 29th of January 2009. Photo : S Lowe

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