22 November 2010

Grabaseat Queenstown

One of the beauties of Air New Zealand's Grabaseat for me is the possibility of flying to all Air New Zealand's ports... On Saturday it was Queenstown's turn. It was great getting a cheap fare; it would have been nice if the weather was right as well! Did get a few photos but the Milford operators were grounded for most of the day...

The instrument approach down the Kawerau Gorge from ZK-NGD... have flown on all the 737 fleet now! ATR flights and a Jetstar flight were diverting meaning a long bus ride to Christchurch for many people. 

The wet runway made some great photos - albeit through the terminal windows... Air New Zealand's ZK-NGH arrives from Auckland.

...and Qantas' Boeing 737-800 VH-VXF arrives from Sydney.

Departing for Sydney Air New Zealand's Airbus 320 ZK-OJG - you would think they could move the trollies!

 ...while Pacific Blue's Boeing 737-800 ZK-PBJ arrives from Sydney.

Meanwhile Milford Sound Scenic Flights' Cessna 207 ZK-anything but -DRY stayed put all day.

 Glenorchy Air's Piper Cherokee 6 ZK-DOJ took off into the murk but obviously clearing weather and I wasn't quick enough to get a better shot than this desparation one...

while their Airvan ZK-LOR taxied out to much clearing weather.

Air Milford's Cessna 185 ZK-ENW also headed for Milford, which had much better weather than Queenstown...

and this was later followed by their Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-SKB.

On the rotary side, I only took a couple... High Country Helicopter's Hughes 500D ZK-HZK

and the Helicopter Line's ZK-IAV.

I've only got four airports to fly into now... Kerikeri, Wanaka, Whakatane and Gisborne though the latter two I have flown into!

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