05 December 2010

April Faulty Door Incident

An investigation into why a cargo door opened on an Eagle Air flight between Auckland and Whangarei has revealed baggage loaders have been forgetting to lock cargo doors. If the door which opened mid-flight had broken off the Beech 1900D it could have smashed into the tail and potentially caused a major problem. The flight with nine passengers and two crew had to make an emergency landing soon after taking off from Auckland on April 8. A Civil Aviation Authority investigation shows the door had not been locked. Loaders usually closed doors but did not lock them while they waited for late bags. The CAA also found the paint had worn off the button which made it difficult to confirm if the door was unlocked. Staff had not been trained sufficiently in "cargo door button operation". The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) is also investigating the incident. Its report won't be released before April next year.

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