17 February 2011

Is this really news???

An Air New Zealand plane has undergone an engineering check in Rotorua today after it was turned back en route to Wellington. The Eagle Air Beech 1900D aircraft was carrying 19 passengers, including Transport Minister Steven Joyce and Rotorua MP Todd McClay. About half an hour into the flight, the aircraft turned around to head back to Rotorua as a precaution following an indicator light in the cockpit. Air New Zealand says it was standard procedure by the pilots to return it to Rotorua for an engineering check. All passengers were checked onto a later flight to Wellington.

You really have to wonder; is this news??? When I get a indicator light come up on my car's dashboard I have never read about it in the newspaper. Granted I don't usually carry 19 passengers in my Corolla. Nor have I seen a news report on buses that have broken down or had indicator lights appear. Like all responsible drivers these pilots were responsible and eveything was done to ensure passenger safety. What such reporting does is encourage fear of flying in "little planes."

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  1. Steve,

    I had a warning light in my car the other day. Low wiper fluid warning light. I was not as responsible as these pilots as I ignored the light for a day before sorting it out. I hope the papers do not find out!

    Short answer: you are right, it's not newsworthy.