12 April 2011

Golden Bay Air's Saratoga

Richard Molly from Golden Bay Air sent me these two photos of Golden Bay Air's Piper Saratoga taken at Takaka in September 2010. It certainly does look a grunty machine and quite sharp in this scheme. I look foward to seeing the new Seneca, ZK-ZAG in a similar scheme. The new Archer, yet to be registered ZK-ZOG, which replaces ZK-EQS will remain in its existing scheme (see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2011/04/zig-zag-zog-golden-bay-air-update.html).

Photos : R Molloy


  1. "It certainly does not a grunty machine. "???

  2. Your comment proves that some reads by posts better than I do... I have fixed it :-)

  3. "...some reads by posts..." Indeed, Anonymous does!