23 June 2011

Light and Darkness on the West Coast

In Westport the lights have overcome the dark...

Airport lights back on
The night landing lights at Westport Airport are fixed and flights will be back to departing at the usual time of 5.40pm. The airport’s Apapi lights that help guide planes into landing at night have been out of action since May 27 when they got “fried” in a brownout electrical surge. All subsequent evening fl ights had been brought forward 40 minutes to allow the planes to land in daylight while Buller District Council had new parts sent from Australia. At least two flights were cancelled over the past fortnight as delays at Wellington prevented the planes being able to arrive at Westport in daylight. (Westport News 17 June 2011)

While in Hokitika they seem to be blinded by the lights of an international airport and living in the dark!!!

International airport for Coast?
If Westland District Council (WDC) gets its way, international tourists could soon be bypassing New Zealand’s major cities and flying directly to the Coast. At the launch of its new vision for turning Westland into a “world class tourism and business destination by 2030” yesterday, council suggested the development of an airport capable of landing international flights, reported the Hokitika Guardian. Hokitika Airport chair Bruce Smith said the airport needed an $8million-$10million investment to bring it up to international standards. It would complete its international flight certification process in two months and there was already an operator interest in chartering Hokitika-Australia flights, reported the Guardian. (Westport News 16 June 2011)


  1. We had the opportunity to make Hokitika a tourist destination, with the Hokitika Gorge airwalk proposal, this was quashed by DOC, greenies and dope smokers. Brucee is dreaming again with his pie in the sky idea's and should concentrate on running what they have properly first.

  2. "" above they dreaming.

  3. Shades of the 1980s!

    They had similar delusional dreams about an International Airport at Whangarei back then.