02 July 2011

Convair ZK-CID on the move - but not far... yet?!

If you been through Palmerston North the last few years you will have noticed Air Chathams' all freight Convair ZK-CID languishing outside the Fieldair hangar as you srive into the terminal. I noticed that it had been moved to the other end of the hangar when I was in Palmerston North making my $5 donation to the terminal upgrade. The news section of the Palmerston North Airport website notes The Air Chathams Convair that has been parked alongside the main entrance to the terminal for a long time has now been moved to a park behind Fieldair Engineering. Air Chathams expect the aircraft to be made airworthy again at some stage. In the meantime it is parked out of the way ready for maintenance.

I hope they do get it going... I've never seen it fly and only seen it the state shown below

Languishing at Palmerston North, Convair 580 ZK-CID in long term storage outside Fieldair. Taken on 30 September 2007 (above) and 10 July 2010 (below). Photos : S Lowe


  1. Still stood there in same state yesterday (12/12/11)- sad sight.

  2. zk cid was scrapped today at palmerston north. nose/cockpit has been brought by somebody apparantly. very sad sight to watch!!!