18 August 2011

Whangarei and North Shore yesterday...

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the Whangarei library researching for future posts... a nice warm spot in the midst of these cold days. I found lots of great material but a couple of things I didn't find were... 
  1. When did Southern Cross Airways end their Auckland-Whangarei service?
  2. When did Whangarei Air Taxis start using the GAF Nomad ZK-NDB on their Auckland-Whangarei service? 
Any information, clues, thoughts etc would be much appreciated. My email is westland831@gmail.com
A quick trip to Whangarei and North Shore airports on the way home yielded a few bits and pieces. 
Airwork's Piper Chieftain, ZK-FOP, taxiing in at Whangarei on 17 August 2011 for a fuel stop. Photo : S Lowe
A couple of Quantum Aviation's Cessna 172s were out and about on training... above ZK-JQA and below ZK-RQA. Photos taken at Whangarei on 17 August 2011 by S Lowe

Skydive Ballistic Blondes' Cessna 182 ZK-SBB taxis out on, as a friend calls it, another "meat bombing" mission. Airwork's Piper Taken at Whangarei on 17 August 2011 for a fuel stop. Photo : S Lowe 
Meanwhile, at North Shore not much was happening as I drove past apart from Cessna 185 ZK-WHJ taxiing to the southern hangars. Taken at North Shore on 17 August 2011 by S Lowe

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