10 November 2011

WHK-WLG Summer Services Back On

Direct flights from Whakatane to Wellington are back for summer. Air New Zealand spokeswoman Marie Hosking said the seasonal, direct flights between Whakatane and Wellington will be operating until the end of April. “The service operates five times per week Monday to Friday, using a Beech 1900D aircraft,” she said. Departing flights leave Whakatane on weekdays at 7.25am, arriving in Wellington at 8.40am; return flights leave Wellington on weekdays at 6.45pm, arriving in Whakatane at 7.55pm. Holiday World of Travel owner George Chambers said the direct flights benefited Eastern Bay residents for reasons other than just day-trips to Wellington. “They are also our conduit for travelling south,” he said. “From Wellington you can grab flights to all South Island destinations, from Nelson to Bluff.” The direct flights also saved travellers from having to fly to Auckland for many destinations, or from driving an hour to Rotorua or Tauranga. In some cases travellers returning from Australia could make good use of the flights. “As the Wellington to Whakatane flight leaves late in the evening, it can sometimes be better to fly to Wellington from Australia,” Mr Chambers said. “I have routed passengers through there as it allows them to come home to Whakatane on the same day.”

Source : http://www.whakatanebeacon.co.nz/cms/news/2011/11/art100010473.php

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