31 March 2012

Jetstreams for Air New Zealand

The decaying outer shells of two Jetstream aircraft, which for years have been stark reminders of the end of an airline, are finally being put to good use. The aircraft, once operated by Origin Pacific Airways, have been bought by the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute for use in a component of its recently launched aircraft engineering training programme. They are now being dismantled in the Air Nelson Technical hangar before being shipped off to the institute's school of engineering campuses in Auckland and Christchurch, the aviation institute's general manager Jignasha Patel said.

For the full story see : http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/6659348/Aviation-institute-finds-use-for-two-Jetstreams

Meanwhile, in Christchurch, I photographed the remains of Fokker Friendship ZK-BXI when getting off the Hokitika flight a couple of weeks ago...


  1. Hi Steve

    This piece of the tail section from ZK-BXI is not the only bit of the aircraft; inside the hangar 4 the fuselage is used by the engineers to engage in the "pick and prod" practice along with the wings and tail section of the series 500 F27 from India (scrapped at Woodbourne)

  2. The bits mentioned are from VT-NED of NEPC Airlines - remember it was scrapped due to the account for maintenance not being paid.