27 June 2012

Jetstream back on Air NZ Link services

Further to the previous post VH-OTH is destined to become ZK-VAH. The Air New Zealand website indicates that the aircraft is going to be used at least on these Wanganui services -

On Sunday the aircraft positions to Wanganui and then heads on to Auckland and back

NZ2056          WLG-WAG    1535   1610   Su      
NZ2058          WAG-AKL      1710   1810   Su

During the week the aircraft will do a morning/evening return service to Auckland as follows
NZ2050          WAG-AKL      0650   0750   Daily ex Sa Su
NZ2051          AKL-WAG      1830   1930   Daily ex Sa

On Friday night the aircraft positions back to Wellington

NZ2055          WAG-WLG    1955   2030   Fr

Also on Friday it does a late afternoon return run between Auckland and Whakatane.

NZ2056          AKL-WHK      1625   1710   Fr
NZ2054          WHK-AKL      1730   1815   Fr
I have heard there is also the possibility Vincents will pick up a third J32. 

Perhaps Eagle are getting the message about cancelling too many flights.

Meanwhile in the South Island I found a couple of other changes on the Hokitika service. The Wednesday morning CHC-HKK-CHC service has changed back to the bigger Q300 and an additional Friday midday service is now being operated by a Beech 1900 as follows

NZ2862          CHC-HKK     1100   1140   Fr
NZ2863          HKK-CHC     1155   1230   Fr


  1. Yeah I had booked a flight from Tauranga to Wanganui and the Alk-Wag was a J32. Luckily I managed to be able to fly in this Saturday. I hate the J32s.

  2. got a link to the info on the jetstream on the Air NZ site?

  3. I just searched the weekly timetables till I found the reference to the J32