06 August 2012

Great Barrier Airlines' planes to look out for...

I had my first trip to North Shore in over three months... An interesting surprise was repainted Piper Cherokee 6 ZK-ENZ, though it was not parked in the best position for even a half decent photo. It is painted in the same scheme that Cessna 172 ZK-DOL wears.

Piper Pa32 Cherokee 6 ZK-ENZ at North Shore on 5 August 2012. Photo : S Lowe

A couple of other observations was that the still unregistered BN Islander that was parked outside the hangar for some time had disappeared, though it could have been in the hangar. There has been no visible progress on Trislander ZK-LOU.

Will it fly - the missing unregistered Islander at North Shore on 26 January 2009. Photo : S Lowe

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  1. ZK-ENZ arrived at Ardmore today (19/09/12), noted outide Dennis Thompson Intl. office