02 September 2013

25 Years Ago - September 1988 in Timaru

September 1988 was a quiet month in Timaru (where I was living at the time) and I only took three months there over the whole month

Robert Jones BAe125 was the most exciting visitor to Timaru in September 1988 - Taken on 12 September 1988

Up from Studholme for maintenance was Cessna 185 ZK-FNX on 19 September 1988
Also on maintenance was Hughes 300 ZK-HPH on 20 September 1988


  1. I remember the day -RJI arrived. Heard it on the airband scanner.

    Can remember too the arrival on N103CC and took a look inside N42FJ when it overnighted.

    Not always a aviation backwater is Timmers.

  2. FullyIntoNewZealandSeptember 05, 2013 10:25 AM

    Hey Steve. Don't know if you've heard that the AKL-MRO and WLG-WAG services are being cancelled.

    In my opinion, the AKL-MRO sector was probably the most expensive in the NZ Domestic Unit. Even 3months in advance, you could be looking at $300+. I understand that on a 1900D, prices won't be brilliant, but MRO is ridiculous!! If it wasn't so expensive, people would use it!!!

    Air NZ used to close the WLG-WAG route over Summer. Sad to see it is gone for good. That means the end of the unusual TUO-WAG!!

    I have noticed on several future bookings that Vincent Aviations Jetstream 32 seems to be operating a lot of Eagle flights. Maybe NZ need the 1900Ds, and it just so happened the AKL-MRO and WLG-WAG flights got the chop!

    I feel for Masterton, I really feel that if NZ lowered the fares a little, they would get more patronage.